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Discover the Legacy of Loxsmith Bagels


A Seattle Institution In the heart of Seattle's culinary scene lies Loxsmith Bagels, a cherished establishment renowned for its dedication to crafting the perfect bagel experience. Founded as a humble pop-up, Loxsmith Bagels has flourished into a beacon of excellence, boasting two thriving locations that cater to bagel aficionados and food enthusiasts alike. Loxsmith Bagels began its journey with a simple yet ambitious vision: to redefine the art of bagel making in Seattle. From the outset, our founders, passionate about preserving the authentic essence of traditional bagels, embarked on a mission to create handcrafted, artisanal delights that would captivate taste buds and evoke nostalgia with every bite. What sets Loxsmith Bagels apart is our unwavering commitment to quality and innovation. Our menu is a testament to our dedication, offering a wide selection of meticulously curated and thoughtfully selected smoked fish options that elevate the bagel experience to new heights. From velvety lox to succulent smoked salmon, each ingredient is chosen with care to ensure unparalleled freshness and flavor. Over the years, Loxsmith Bagels has become synonymous with excellence, earning the trust and loyalty of a diverse clientele who appreciate the dedication to craftsmanship and the pursuit of perfection. Our two bustling locations serve as hubs of culinary creativity, where bagel enthusiasts gather to indulge in the finest hand-rolled creations and savor the distinct flavors that have made Loxsmith Bagels a beloved institution in the Seattle community. Whether you're a seasoned bagel connoisseur or a newcomer eager to experience the magic of Loxsmith Bagels for the first time, we invite you to join us on a culinary journey unlike any other. Come taste the legacy of Loxsmith Bagels and discover why we're not just a bagel shop—we're a Seattle tradition.